The Taxes feature is used to handle two things:

  • Sales Taxes as used primarily in the US
  • Flat rate fees on particular product or product groups

Either way you start by creating a Tax:

  1. Go to Settings > Ecommerce > Product Catalog > Taxes
  2. Click New in the toolbar and configure the tax (Figure 1.1)
Figure 1.1 Creating a tax
  1. You should:
    1. Provide a name
    2. Select the Countries and maybe regions where this tax applies
    3. Select a Tax Provider and configure it
  2. Save

We currently support the following tax providers:

Vertex and Avalara are used to handle US Sales Taxes, and the Flat Rate provider is used to handle flat rate fees.



These are the database tables associated with VAT and Tazes in Dynamicweb:


Contains setup data for taxes from Settings -> Ecommerce -> Product catalog -> Taxes.

Field name Data type Length
TaxSettingId int 4
TaxSettingName nvarchar 255
TaxSettingActive bit 1
TaxSettingProviderSettings nvarchar Max