Integration Customer Center

The Integration Customer Center is an app which displays data retrieved directly from a remote system in real-time.

Supported document types are:

  • Open orders
  • Credit notes
  • Invoices

Using the ICC you can:

  • Retrieve lists of each supported document type
  • Render an instance of a document type based on a template
  • Retrieve a pdf of an instance of a document type

Before you can use the integration customer center, you must have a live integration setup up, as the ICC depends on retrieving and displaying data in real-time – and then:

  • Add the ICC app to a paragraph on your solution
  • Make sure your remote system returns XML in the format expected by Dynamicweb

Add the app to a paragraph on your solution to access the app settings, which allow you to control the behavior of the app.

Figure 2.1 The Integration Customer Center module settings

With the navigation template, you can render a navigation for moving between your ICC pages – Orders, Invoices, etc. The template must contain the <!--@Ecom:IntegrationCustomerCenter.PageContent--> tag.

The pages list controls which types of documents you want to render. Each page settings view (Figure 2.2) allows you to:

  • Name the page and select a document type to render
  • Provide a menu name for the navigation and a tag name
  • Select a list template and an item template to render the list and list entries with
Figure 2.2 ICC Page settings

Finally, you can set up paging using the paging controls.

Check out the Live integration requests and responses article for test and debugging purposes.

The Integration Customer Center app is capable of passing user input directly to Business Central by analyzing the request parameters when loading the frontend page. Any parameters prefixed with β€œICC_” will be included in the XML to Business Central. If, for instance, you wish to filter records by year, Dynamicweb would respond to a http request parameter, ICC_Year=2022, and pass it through to Business Central as an attribute of the GetList node:

<GetList type="DeliveryNote" customerID="1234" requestAmount="10" firstItem="1" Year="2022"></GetList>

Multiple parameters can be passed and must be agreed between the Business Central developer and the Dynamicweb Developer. The parameters can be used for filtering, sorting or even for instructing Business Central to save different kinds of data depending on the scenario.

Any XML node returned from the ERP system via the integration customer center is made available as TemplateTags, which is useful if you wish to include additional information in the frontend.