Dynamicweb 9

Dynamicweb is a feature rich All-in-One platform which allows you to build great websites – and to keep all your data in one place and on one platform.

With Dynamicweb you can:

  • Create and manage content – websites, language layers, pages and paragraphs – or exploit the power of items
  • Use the full power of Dynamicweb Ecommerce to work with variants, parts-lists, multiple shops, languages and currencies, and much more
  • Reach out to your customers using the Dynamicweb Marketing tools – Leads, Email Marketing, Personalization and more – using data collected in your shop and on your website
  • Handle and organize all of your users in groups, setup permissions, and use smart searches to create dynamic user groups based on on-site behavior and more
  • Explore central platform features such as indexing, the file manager and the Image Handler tool
  • Get acquainted with the extensive integration options at your fingertips with the Data Integration module and the Integration Framework

And much more!