A template is a file controlling how a (part of a) website looks in frontend, and correspondingly templating is the act of working with templates.

When you work with templates you:

  • Fetch data from Dynamicweb – text, images, products, orders, etc.
  • Render that data on a web page – a frontpage, a product list, a news article, etc.

This section of the documentation portal deals with the various concepts and tools used in Dynamicweb to accomplish this:

You will also find a number of supporting articles which may be of interest when templating – e.g. the articles on global tags, snippets, or Includes & Partial Views.

This part of the documentation portal used to be exclusively dedicated to being a TemplateTag Reference – with lists of tags and loops available in various template contexts.

These lists are still available:

For a more general introduction to TemplateTags please see this article – but please note that we recommend that you switch to using a combination of ViewModels and the API at your earliest convenience.