Tags and loops in the Content section are related to controlling content elements and layout. This include templates for pages, paragraphs, page properties and website properties.

  • Websites
    The websites are based on pages and website content (website properties) are rendered through the page templates.
  • Pages
    The Page template controls the layout of the various elements that make up the pages on the website: menus, top graphics, paragraphs, etc.
    The page templates are located in Templates/Designs/MyDesign/.
  • Paragraphs
    The layout of the Paragraph element are controlled by the Paragraph template files that are located in the Templates/Designs/MyDesign/Paragraph or Templates/Designs/Paragraph folder.
  • Navigation
    The navigation is rendered through the page template.

The layout of the module elements is controlled by module templates. These may be subdivided into template categories, corresponding to selectable template options in the Dynamicweb administration.

The example below shows an example of template options for the paragraph settings of the Item publisher module. 

  • List
    In general templates in the List category are used to display lists (usually rows) of element. 
  • Details
    Templates in the Details category are generally used to show a single element on its own. Other categories are also used.
  • Edit
    Templates in the Edit category are generally used to edit a single element.