Types of articles

There are two types of documentation articles in the manual:

  • How-tos which are step-by-step descriptions of how to accomplish a specific task, but may be simplified or leave out non-critical details
  • Feature articles which describe a feature in general terms – and in full detail

A feature article will always be structured in the same way.

  • A Main section will introduce you to the feature, and explain where to locate it and how to find it. This section would also include:
    • Topics of special interest to implementers and front-enders
    • Information for developers on e.g. creating custom providers, the API and notification subscribers
    • Information on data storage, and import/export of data
  • A Database section covering the tables and constrains relevant to the feature

To help you find what you need, the right-side menu is stickied – and allows you to quickly jump between sections.

How-tos can cover anything – from Installing Dynamicweb to setting up a Google merchant feed.

They have no fixed structure, but are presented in a way which makes sense in relation to the task at hand.

Here are some of our most popular how-tos: