Setting up a Google Merchant product feed

Google Merchant Center is a tool for promoting your products through e.g. Google Adwords campaigns and more.

To integrate with the Google Merchant Center, you must set up a Google Product Feed.

A Google Product Feed is a webpage with product data in one of the formats supported by Google Merchant Center – .xml or .txt – and formatted in the way necessary for Google to read the feed.

You can read more about the Google Merchant Center, and about data feeds specifically at the Google Merchant Center help pages.

Here’s how to set it up in Dynamicweb.

With the Feeds tool in Dynamicweb PIM, you'll have your Google Merchant product feed in no time. Start off by following this guide to creating a specific feed query which returns your products for Google Merchants.

As mentioned in the guide, you can specify which languages, currencies, and shops to draw from when setting up the actual feed.

A feed query could look like Figure 2.1, which only includes active products in the channel Partner SHOP (Europe) and in the languages selected when creating the feed.

Figure 2.1 Example of a feed query

Now go to PIM Feeds, right-click on Feeds and create a new feed. Here you must:

  • Name the feed appropriately
  • Select your feed query
  • Configure the settings in the Index and Context sections (see this article for more information)

Then in the Format section, select the XML feed provider. In the parameters, you must select the properties to be included in the feed - please check the current Google Merchant attribute requirements documentation to make sure you follow the guidelines appropriate for your scenario.

And that's it - your feed is now ready for integration with Google Merchant. You can now preview your feed to review it or just download/export it.