The Marketing area is used to create and execute focused marketing efforts directly in Dynamicweb.

It contains the following marketing-related tools:

  • The Insights node contains a marketing dashboard created to help you make data-driven decisions, by making it easier to see the impact of e.g. a marketing campaign
  • The Reports node makes it possible to generate reports based on tracking information – e.g. weekly sessions per website, most viewed pages, etc. Many reports exist out of the box, but you can also generate your own!
  • The Email Marketing tool contains an integrated tool for doing, well, email marketing – but with added synergy from the platform. For instance, you can select recipients based on website behaviour and send them actual content/products from the website as email content. You can also register unsubscribes directly with no manual labour required.
  • The SMS tool makes it possible to send text messages to groups of users
  • The Leads tool helps you identify potential leads based on an engagement index score
  • The Split tests tool allows you to experiment with content and select the version which performs the best
  • The Comments node allows you to moderate comments added to a page or product

In short, the Dynamicweb Marketing suite of tools allow you to do common marketing tasks based on extended information available from throughout the platform.