For each country you do business with, you must create a corresponding country on your solution.

You can then select the country as the default country on the Ecommerce settings of a website.

Countries in Dynamicweb Ecommerce are used to:

  • Control which countries  and regions can be selected as billing and delivery countries
  • Anchor shipping methods and payment methods to a particular country – and preselecting default shipping and billing methods
  • Setting the system VAT rate

To add a new country to your solution:

  • Go to Settings > Ecommerce > Internationalization > Countries
  • Click New Country in the toolbar to open the country selector and add a country (Figure 1.1)
Figure 1.1 Adding a new country to your solution

A new country is created with the basic information under Settings already filled out, except the system VAT rate.

Under Frontend address format (Figure 1.2), you can edit the display and edit format of addresses for this country.

Figure 1.2 Define the frontend address format

Under Default methods (Figure 1.3), you can select a default payment method and shipping method for the country.

They will be preselected in the shopping cart when the user checks out in the relevant country-context.

If none are available for selection, you need to create them and select them for the country (or All Countries). Switch between language contexts to access the methods created under a non-default language.

Under Region/States (Figure 1.3), you can add regions/states to the country.

This allows your users to select states and regions, in addition to the country, when specifying their delivery and billing addresses during checkout – and is also used for e.g. address validation services and the Avalara AvaTax provider when calculating taxes.

Figure 1.3 Selecting the default payment & shipping methods for a country - don't forget to switch to the appropriate language context

Under Region/States (Figure 2.1), you can add regions/states to the country.

This allows your users to select states and regions, in addition to the country, when specifying their delivery and billing addresses during checkout – and is also used for e.g. address validation services and the Avalara AvaTax provider when calculating taxes.

Figure 2.1 Creating regions or states for a country

When you’ve created the languages, countries and currencies necessary for your setup, make sure you set a default country, language and currency on each website or language layer. Not doing so is one of the most common sources of WTFs in Dynamicweb.

Dynamicweb supports a number of query string operations for manipulating the internationalization settings:

Parameter Effect
CountryCode=US Switches the country context to US



These are the database tables related to internationaliation in Dynamicweb:


Contains countries defined in Settings -> Ecom -> Internationalization -> Countries.

Field name Data type Length
CountryCode2 nchar 2
CountryCode3 nvarchar 3
CountryCurrencyCode nvarchar 3
CountryNumber nvarchar 4
CountryVAT float 8
CountryCultureInfo nvarchar 15
CountryRegionCode nvarchar 3
CountryAddressDisplayFormatMode int 4
CountryAddressDisplayFormat nvarchar Max
CountryAddressEditFormatMode int 4
CountryAddressEditFormat nvarchar Max


Defines what languages (CountryTextLanguageID) a country is translated for (CountryTextCode2).

Field name Data type Length
CountryTextCode2 nchar 2
CountryTextLanguageId nvarchar 50
CountryTextName nvarchar 255
CountryTextRegionCode nvarchar 3
CountryTextAutoId int 4


System lookup table for internationalization ISO data.

Field name Data type Length
IsoId int 4
IsoCode2 nchar 2
IsoCode3 nvarchar 3
IsoCountryNameDK nvarchar 255
IsoCountryNameUK nvarchar 255
IsoCurrencyCode int 4
IsoCurrencySymbol nvarchar 255
IsoVat float 8
IsoCultureInfo nvarchar 50
IsoDisabled bit 1


Keeps track of for which countries (MethodCountryRelCountryID) a given translation (MethodCountryRelLanguageID) of a payment- or shipping method (MethodCountryRelMethodID) is available.

Field name Data type Length
MethodCountryRelCode2 nvarchar 50
MethodCountryRelMethodType nvarchar 50
MethodCountryRelCountryId nvarchar 50
MethodCountryRelMethodId nvarchar 50
MethodCountryRelLanguageId nvarchar 50
MethodCountryRelIsDefault bit 1
MethodCountryRelRegionCode nvarchar 3
MethodCountryRelAutoId int 4