PostNord ServicePoint

PostNord - formerly Post Danmark - is a company consisting of the liberalized former state-run postal services in Denmark and Sweden. They offer several different parcel delivery service APIs – including the PostNord ServicePoint.

The PostNord ServicePoint service allows customers to search for pick-up points (Service points) and select them as their delivery location. The parcel will then be delivered at the Service pointfor the customer to pick up.

In order to use the PostNord ServicePoint shipping provider:

  • The delivery point must be in either Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland
  • Orders must be created with a zip code and an address

Please note, that freight and tracking services and delivery time estimation are not a part of this integration.

In order to use the PostNord ServicePoint provider, you must register a web service account at the PostNord website.

You will be given an API key – a unique consumer identifier you will use to gain access to the PostNord API services.

Once you’ve obtained your API key (consumer ID), you must create and configure a PostNord ServicePoint shipping method.

To do so:

  • Create or edit a shipping method in the Settings > Ecommerce > Orders > Shipping following the regular procedure
  • Select the PostNord ServicePoint shipping provider from the dropdown menu
  • Fill in the necessary parameters (Figure 3.1)
Figure 3.1 Configuring the PostNord ServicePoint shipping provider

You must:

  • Enter your API key
  • Select a country code matching the country you want to service
  • Select, edit or create a shipping provider template which renders the list of ServicePoint locations when the customer enters a valid address in the delivery address fields

Once your shipping method has been created, you will need to modify your order flow templates to list ShopDelivery locations (ParcelShops) close to the user’s address.

To do so, use the <!--@Ecom:ShippingProvider.Content--> tag within the Shippingmethods loop.

Once set up, a customer going through the order flow entering valid address detail (address, zip and city) will be presented with a list of parcel shops nearby.