Dynamicweb Ecommerce uses a number of paragraph apps to publish products to frontend and allow website visitors to interact with:

  • The Product Catalog app or the Product Catalog for ViewModels app are used to show products to website visitors
  • The Shopping Cart app is used for checkout. It displays the cart contents to the customer and handles all the usual cart stuff – delivery and billing adresses, payment and delivery methods, recurring orders, vouchers and coupons, etc.
  • The Customer Center app allows the user to view and interact with data related to them – open orders, previous purchases, recurring orders, saved payment methods, etc.

The product catalog does not contain any specific logic related to manipulating the cart contents, e.g. adding products to cart and removing them again – instead, the cart is manipulated using a special parameter called cartcmdcart command – which may be submitted in a direct link or when submitting a form. Please see the Cart Commands article for details.