Shipmondo is a shipping service which offers a “complete freight solution” for handling everything related to shipping, e.g. agreements with various carrier services, labeling, etc.

Our integration with Shipmondo allows you to:

  • Fetch a list of carriers from Shipmondo, and select in the backend which carriers to show in frontend
  • For carriers & countries which support drop points, present a list of drop points in the frontend when the carrier is selected
  • Once an order has been created, a corresponding shipment will be created in Shipmondo
  • Shipmondo will then return a tracking code to DynamicWeb, which may be used in e.g. receipt emails or in a customer center order list

To set up this shipping provider you need an active Shipmondo account.

Once you have this, create a shipping method in the regular manner:

  • Go to Settings > Ecommerce > Orders > Shipping
  • Click New shipping in the toolbar
  • Select the Shipmondo provider from the drop down menu and configure it (Figure 1.1)

To configure this provider:

  1. First fill in the API user and API key values accessed from Shipmondo backend (Settings > API)
  2. Fill in the sender details – these are used to retrieve Carriers from Shipmondo. They should match the location from which you send the parcels.
  3. Save

Once you have saved the API and sender details, a list of Carriers matching all your countries will be available for selection in the Carriers list. Please note that if you only select some of them, it is your own responsibility to ensure that you have the relevant carriers for each country. If you don’t explicitly select carriers, all carriers will be available.

Next configure the rest of the parameters:

  1. Select a shipping provider template
  2. Select the delivery location type – please note that only Private and business location returns drop points, as per the ShipMondo API
  3. Select the maximum number of drop points you want to show to a customer
  4. Select a sort order Default will sort by distance 

If you have non-standard shipping agreements in Shipmondo please check Use own agreement to include them in the response from Shipmondo. Check Test Mode to disable the creation of shipments inside Shipmondo.

To trigger the CreateShipment function in Shipmondo, you have to select the order(s) in Dynamicweb and choose Create shipping documents.