manufacturer is a company or a person who makes goods for sale. All products in Dynamicweb have a standard manufacturer field which allows an user to select a manufacturer when creating or enriching a product in Ecommerce or PIM.

Figure 1.1 Selecting a manufacturer

New manufacturer records are created by navigating to Settings> Ecommerce > Product Catalog > Manufacturers and clicking new manufacturer in the toolbar, then filling out the manufacturer details (Figure 1.2). 

Only the name is mandatory, but you may want to render more information about the manufacturer in frontend.

Figure 1.2 A manufacturer record

You can also create new manufacturers directly from the Ecommerce product details view by clicking the "+" icon next to the manufacturer dropdown menu. 


These are the database tables associated with Manufacturers in Dynamicweb.


Contains manufacturer data from Settings -> Ecom -> Product Catalog -> Manufacturers.

Field name Data type Length
ManufacturerId nvarchar 50
ManufacturerName nvarchar 255
ManufacturerAddress nvarchar 255
ManufacturerZipCode nvarchar 255
ManufacturerCity nvarchar 255
ManufacturerCountry nvarchar 255
ManufacturerPhone nvarchar 255
ManufacturerFax nvarchar 255
ManufacturerEmail nvarchar 255
ManufacturerWeb nvarchar 255
ManufacturerLogo nvarchar 255
ManufacturerDescription nvarchar Max
ManufacturerAutoId int 4