Adyen Checkout

Adyen is a Dutch payment company which enables you to accept electronic payment using a variety of payment methods, like credit cards, debit cards, etc. Please note that Adyen requires an SSL Certificate.

You can sign up for an Adyen test account here.

To configure Adyen Checkout you need the following 5 keys:

After obtaining the 5 keys you can configure the payment method

  • Go to Settings > Ecommerce > Orders > Payments and create a new payment method
  • Select the Adyen Checkout checkout handler
  • Fill in the parameters section with the keys (Figure 1.1)
Figure 1.1 Adyen Checkout

Adyan supplies a number of test card numbers which can be used to test the integration. Please note that some features - like Saved cards - must also be activated inside the Adyen administration.

Adyen or Adyen2?

Adyen2 is not backwards compatible, but uses a newer API from Adyen.

Use Adyen2 if you are not using origin key.