Stripe Checkout

Stripe Checkout is an embeddable payment form for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It works from within your website – customers can pay instantly without being redirected away to complete the transaction. It also supports saved credit cards.

Some things to note:

For more information about Stripe consult or

If you don’t already have a Stripe account you can register here:

To configure the Stripe checkout handler you need 2 keys:

  • A Test Secret key
  • A Test Publishable key

To find these log in to the Stripe Dashboard and go to Developers > API Keys. At first you will only have access to the test credentials – later one, when the account is activated, you can also access the live keys from the same location.

Once you have obtained the keys you can configure the Stripe checkout handler:

  • Go to Settings > Ecommerce > Orders > Payments and create a new payment method
  • Select the Stripe checkout checkout handler
  • Fill in the parameters section (Figure 1.1)
Figure 1.1 The Stripe checkout handler

For a basic configuration:

  • Supply the Test Secret key and the Test Published key from Stripe
  • Select a language – or use auto, which selects a checkout language based on the browser. This setting is also used to format numbers & currencies according to the customs of the language selected.
  • Provide a merchant name and a merchant logo to use in the payment form
  • Select or create templates:
    • The post template is used to post data to Stripe
    • The error template is shown if an error occurs during checkout

You also have access to the following parameters:


What it does


Capture now

Auto-captures a payment when it is authorized

Please note that it is illegal in some countries to capture payment before shipping any physical goods

Render inline form

Makes it possible to render this form inline in the checkout flow

Use the Ecom:Cart.PaymentInlineForm tag in the cart flow to render the form inline.

Test mode

Enables test mode

When checked, test credentials are used – when unchecked, live credentials are used

To test the setup, you can use the test credential provided by Stripe. Once you’re ready to go live you must

  • Activate your stripe account
  • Generate live credentials and use them in the checkout handler
  • Uncheck the test mode checkbox.