nShift DeliveryHub (ShipAdvisor 1.0)

Delivery Management is an online checkout solution in the nShift (formerly Consignor) portfolio which gives you the ability to display the best delivery alternatives during checkout – based on the contents of the shopping cart, the delivery address, and (of course) the carrier mix you have in nShift.

To set up a ShipAdvisor shipping provider you must retrieve the following from nShift:

  • An Installation ID
  • A Webshop ID
  • A User name and password

Once you have these you can create a shipping provider in the regular manner:

  • Go to Settings > Ecommerce > Orders > Shipping
  • Click New shipping in the toolbar
  • Select the ShipAdvisor shipping provider from the dropdown (Figure 1.1)
Figure 1.1 The ShipAdvisor provider

First supply the basic parameters associated with your nShift/ShipAdvisor account – Installation ID, Webshop ID, User name and Password.

Then select a Delivery type:

  • Pick Up (at chosen drop point)
  • Home delivery
  • At work

If you select Pick Up (at chosen drop point) the Shipping provider template is used to first render a list of delivery services from your nShift carrier mix, then – once a delivery service has been selected and the cart updated – a list of drop points for that delivery service. The number of drop points being returned is limited by the Max number of drop points setting. If Save drop point address in delivery address is selected the drop point address is, well, saved to the delivery address fields when the order is created.

If you select Home delivery or At work the delivery address on the cart will be submitted to ShipAdvisor – we don’t do anything special to ensure that the delivery address is actually the home or work address, so you should handle this manually in your cart templates.

Check Test mode as long as you’re testing – uncheck before going live.