Nets Easy Checkout

Nets Easy is a payment solution from Nets. Nets Easy checkout was formerly known as DIBS easy checkout.

To set up a Nets Easy payment method you need to register a test account. Once you have access to the account you need to retrieve four keys;

  • A live secret and a live key for production
  • A test secret and a test key for development

To find these log in to the Easy administration and go to Company > Integration – when you have them you can configure the checkout handler:

  • Go to Settings > Ecommerce > Orders > Payments and create a new payment method
  • Select the DIBS Easy checkout handler
  • Fill in the parameters section (Figure 1.1)
Figure 1.1 The DIBS Easy checkout handler

For a basic configuration:

  • Supply the test secret key and test checkout key
  • Supply the live secret key and live checkout key
  • Select a language to use during checkout – defaults to English
  • Select a terms page – this is a page on your solution which the payment window from DIBS will link to
  • Select or create templates:
    • The post template is used to post data to DIBS
    • The error template is shown if an error occurs during checkout

You also have access to some additional parameters:


What it does


Auto capture

Activates Auto-capture for orders – this causes all authorized orders to be immediately captured

Please note that in many countries it is illegal to capture an order before any goods have been shipped

Render inline form

Makes it possible to use this form inline

Use the Ecom:Cart.PaymentInlineForm tag in the cart flow to render the form inline.

Prefill customer address Posts information from previous steps to DIBS Easy instead of requiring them to be filled out again. If enabled you should ensure that the customer can't leave the customer billing fields empty when checking out or else DIBS easy will return errors.
Support B2B Enables a "Business checkout" radio button in the DIBS easy payment window.  
Set B2B as default If "Support B2B" is enabled and "Set B2B as default" then B2B fields are rendered by default in the DIBS easy payment window. The added B2B address fields vary from country to country.

Test mode

Enables test mode

When enabled, the test credentials are used instead of the live credentials

To test the payment flow you can use this list of test cards – they will only work when Test mode is enabled.