As of 2020, VISA – the owners of Authorize.Net – have deprecated a number of older APIs such as AIM and SIM, which were used by two of our older checkout handlers; AuthorizeNet and AuthorizeNetAIM. If you use one of those two checkout handlers on your site you should migrate to this checkout handler instead.

Authorize.Net is a very popular payment provider available to businesses with a merchant account from an MSP (Merchant Service Provider) located in North America, Europe, or Australia. Please note that Authorize.Net only supports payment in US dollars.

You can setup a sandbox account here:

To configure the Authorize.Net API checkout handler you must obtain the following keys:

Once these are obtained you can configure the payment method:

  • Go to Settings > Ecommerce > Orders > Payments and create a new payment method
  • Select the Authorize.Net API checkout handler
  • Fill in the parameters section with the keys (Figure 1.2)
Figure 1.2 The AuthorizeNet API checkout handler

For a basic configuration:

  • Supply the API login ID, the Transaction Key, the Signature Key, and the Public client key
  • Check Allow save cards to allow user to save a credit card during checkout
  • Select the type of transaction:
    • Authorize and Capture
    • Authorize only
  • Check/Uncheck test mode

You must also specify how you want the payment window to be rendered:

  • Hosted redirects the customer to Authorize.Net
  • Partial shows hosted in a pop-up on your own template
  • Manual makes it possible to use custom payment forms. This requires SSL, and you should create a set of templates:
    • Payment form template
    • Cancel template
    • Error template

After configuring the checkout handler test your setup thoroughly. Authorize.Net supplies a testing guide with credit card information.