Ingenico ePayments

Ingenico ePayments (previously Ogone) is an online payment service provider that can be used to accept payments from customers. 

The provider supports using TLS 1.2.

We only integrate to the Ogone platform and only supports the payment methods for the Ogone platform.

To start with, you must create a test account:

Once the test account has been configured, you can create the matching payment method in Dynamicweb.

To do so:

  • Create or edit a payment method in the Settings > Ecommerce > Orders > Payment 
  • Select the Ingenico ePayments checkout handler from the dropdown
  • Fill in the associated parameters (Figure 3.1)
Figure 3.1 The parameters available for the checkout handler

You must:

  • Enter the Merchant ID (PSPID) you received from Ingenico. This is the same ID used to log in with to your account.
  • Enter the process page URL (you can get it from the Ingenico documentation). The process page contains the payment form that will call the page: orderstandard.asp
  • Enter the secret key generated for you through the ePayments administration
  • In Referer, you need to enter your referer page. A referer is an additional security setting to prevent illicit requests. Referer value is setup in the ePayments administration.
  • Enter the ePayments IP adress in the field.
  • Choose the same SHA sign syntax setting as you have set in administration under Global security parameters.
  • Enter the Social security number / Company registration number

Additionally, you can:

  • Customize templates:
    • The Post template contains the submit form with information about the payment sent to the gateway provider
    • The Cancel template is used when a payment is cancelled.
    • The Error template is used when an error occurs in a payment.
  • Enable Afterpay integration (requires version

You can test out your account on Ingenico ePayments under Configuration > Test, where you can submit several test payments. To go live contact Ingenico ePayments.