Free Shipping

These days, free shipping is often employed by webshops looking to gain an edge over the competition – a wise decision, since some surveys report that up to 40% of customers have abandoned a purchase because they felt the delivery costs were too high.

When combined with an added incentive to add more products to cart – e.g. by offering free shipping on orders above a certain threshold – the business case for free shipping is hard to ignore.

To create a ’Free shipping for orders above $100’ discount:

  • Go to Ecommerce > Discounts & Offers
  • Click on the Order Discounts node
  • Click New discount in the toolbar and open the edit discount view (Figure 1.1)
Figure 1.1 Creating a free shipping discount

Fill in the details:

  • In the general section enter a name, e.g. Free shipping!
  • In the discount section:
    • Apply as: Order discount (Inclusive) – you want to calculate other discounts before this discount is applied
    • Discount type: Free Shipping
  • In the triggers sections, leave everything as is except the Total Price section:
    • Condition: Greater than or equal to
    • Total Price: 100

The result is a discount which subtracts any shipping fees incurred on all orders over 100 – please note that this is 100 of whichever currency the order is placed in, so on multi-currency solutions it might be an idea to use the Order section to limit it to a specific country.