The Ecommerce tab includes settings regarding the general ecommerce. This includes:

  • Customization of the mini cart, checkout flow, and receipt
  • Stickers
  • Loyalty points color and enabling point shop
  • Enabling Preview for anonymous users

With the Mini cart website settings, you can customize the mini cart and change the type of notification when adding a product to the cart.

With the General settings, you can:

  • Select an Add to cart notification type
  • Show the total price instead of the total number of products in the cart (only when the counter position is set to the right)
Figure 2.1 Mini cart settings

For the counter, you can configure the:

  • Position and design
  • Background and font color
Figure 2.2 Mini cart settings for the counter

You can change the layout of the mini cart (Figure 2.3). You can choose between:

  • A dropdown (1) that appears when hovering over the cart icon
  • A modal (2) that pops up when clicking the cart icon and creates an overlay over the rest of the page
  • A panel (3) in the right side on top of the page
Figure 2.3 The different layouts of the mini cart

You can also change the display of products in the mini cart using the Orderlines view setting (Figure 3.1). You can choose the table view or list view.

Figure 3.1 The Orderlines view setting

Using the Animation settings, you can configure the animation of the mini cart icon when adding a product to the cart:

  • Select an animation type (make the background for the mini cart icon blink or choose an animation for the counter)
  • Customize the background and font color for the animation
Figure 3.2 Mini cart settings for add to cart animation

Rapido features a one-step-checkout (Figure 4.1) and a multi-step-checkout with a number of default elements.

Figure 4.1 One-step-checkout

You can hide several of these elements using the Checkout website settings for both of the checkout flows (Figure 4.2):

Figure 4.2 Checkout settings

With the Ecommerce receipt settings (Figure 5.1), you can change the:

  • Logo image
  • Header background color
  • Header font color
Figure 5.1 The ecommerce receipt settings

The above settings will produce the following layout of the Ecommerce receipt (Figure 5.2).

Figure 5.2 Ecommerce receipt example

You can enable sale stickers and customize the following:

  • Type of content on the sticker
    • Default "sale" text
    • Name of the discount in Ecommerce Discounts
    • Amount and/or percentage discount
  • Background color
  • Font family, weight (the dropdown), color, size, line height, and casing
Figure 6.1 The sale stickers settings

You can also change the design of the sticker (squared, rounded, or ball) as shown in Figure 6.2.

Figure 6.2 The different sticker designs

You can enable New stickers and customize the following:

  • Expiration for when a product no longer is "new" (in days)
  • Background color
  • Font family, weight (the dropdown), color, size, line height, and casing

You can also change the design of the sticker (squared, rounded, or ball).

Figure 7.1 The new! stickers settings

You can create custom stickers with a predefined layout and custom text. With the website settings, you can customize the following:

  • Background color
  • Font family, weight (the dropdown) color, size, line height, and casing

You can also change the design of the sticker (squared, rounded, or ball).

Figure 8.1 The custom stickers settings

The text content of the sticker can be entered from a product's product fields (Figure 8.2).

Figure 8.2 Example of a custom sticker

Rapido supports the use of loyalty points. With loyalty points, you can:

  • Set up reward rules to reward users with loyalty points when they trigger a rule e.g. when they buy X amount of products or sign up for a newsletter
  • Award loyalty points manually to users through the backend in the user management area
  • Give products a price in loyalty points, so logged-in users can buy products with the loyalty points they have earned (Figure 9.1)
Figure 9.1 Users can buy products using their earned loyalty points

With the Loyalty points website settings, you can change the color of the loyal points as shown in the product card, shopping cart and in the Customer Center (my profile and the order list) (Figure 9.2).

Figure 9.2 Change the color of the loyalty points

You can read about the loyalty point feature in Rapido in this article.

For more information about loyalty points, see the general Dynamicweb documentation.

You can decide wether anonymous users are allowed to see the entire product catalog or just a preview.

Check the Only preview for anonymous users checkbox to hide the price, stock information and the add to cart button.

Figure 10.1 Settings for anonymous users