Standard paragraph 2

The standard paragraph 2 item type is used to create a column with an image background and text and buttons on top of it (Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1 Frontend example of a standard paragraph 2

The icon for the standard paragraph 2 item type is shown in Figure 1.2.

Figure 1.2 Icon for the standard paragraph 2 item type

With the item type, you have the General section (Figure 1.3). Here, you can insert:

  • A title (can be hidden from the frontend result)
  • Text with the rich-text editor
  • An image background
Figure 1.3 Content section

The image background can be tweaked using the Image settings section (Figure 2.1).

Figure 2.1 Image settings section

Here, you can:

  • Change the crop mode
  • Colorize and add image filter(s)

Using the Link section (Figure 2.2), you can apply a link covering the whole area of the column - including any buttons.

Figure 2.2 Link section

With the Buttons section, you can add up to three buttons. Use the settings shown in Figure 2.3 to add a title/text, link and a button layout for each button.

Figure 2.3 Buttons section

At the end, we have the Style section (Figure 3.1).

Figure 3.1 Style section

Here you can change:

  • Inner padding size and position
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Text color