With the website settings in the Custom tab, you can:

  • Choose to include custom javascript
  • Access the custom settings you create in the Settings area (Website settings custom)

You can choose to enable custom javascript (Figure 2.1). This includes the js/Custom.js file in the master template on your website.

Figure 2.1 Use custom javascript

Rapido consists of some predefined website settings for the template. However, you can also create your own custom website settings for your template. Go to Settings > Itemtypes > Settings > Website settings custom.

Figure 3.1 Navigate to website settings custom

Then, click new field in the ribbon bar (Figure 3.2)

Figure 3.2 Create a new field

At last, you must:

  • Insert a name and choose which type of field it should be e.g. text
  • Choose the predefined layout group "General" or create a new group


Figure 3.3 Choose a field type and layout group

The created fields will be shown at the bottom of the website settings under the Custom settings section.

Figure 4.1 The Custom Settings section in website settings