As a standard solution built for versatility and configurability, Dynamicweb Rapido comes with a set of features which can be configured for different scenarios - B2B, B2C, ERP integration, etc.

Rapido consists of many different items and features for both content, Ecommerce and Customer Center.

You can check out the sections for each feature below.

Rapido has a general layout consisting of:

Rapido ships with different pages based on item types for creating and styling content directly from the editor interface:

Rapido comes with a full suite of Ecommerce features based on best-practice UX models:

Rapido features a configurable implementation of a Customer Center, including:

Rapido is built for integration with ERP systems like Dynamics NAV and AX, and supports the following:

  • Product synchronization
  • Customer-specific prices and stock states
  • Live calculation of shopping carts and orders
  • Customer Center functionality such as orders, credit notes, and invoices

You can read more about integration here.

As a part of the template set, Rapido ships with an easy to use email templating engine. You can use this for e.g. newsletters.

With Rapido you can configure the layout and design on your website e.g. the top layout and product list views.

Read more about the different configuration options here.

Rapido now supports external authentication, meaning users can log-in using their social media accounts. It currently only supports Facebook, Google and Twitter accounts. A comprehensive guide describing the setup is found on this link

The following browsers are the ones tested for Rapido: 

  • Responsive design optimized for desktop, tablet & phone users (Latest browser versions, tested)
  • Tested on latest versions of Chrome, Firefox & Safari on Windows 10
  • Tested on latest version of Safari on Mac (OX), iPad Air 2, iPhone 6s
  • Tested on latest version of Chrome on Android (Galaxy S5)
  • Tested on Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, & Apple Mail

Rapido relies on HTML5 and CSS3 using flexbox. This means that some browsers, especially old browsers, can have rendering differences compared to new browsers. We try to make it so it fallsback 'gracefully' meaning that it should still be possible to use the features, but it might not be as smooth as on modern devices and browsers.

If compatibility issues are reported we will evaluate them on a case-by-case to see if we will provide a fix or implement changes to the solution.

If you have an audience that have many users on old browsers and devices, Rapido might not be for you.