The frontpage is used for branding and inspiration which can be done through a visual presentation of e.g. the products in the customer’s context, campaigns, and call to action buttons for relevant categories and inspiration.

The frontpage in Rapido is just an example of the different combinations of paragraph types (banners, carousels, paragraphs with multiple columns etc).

You can read more about the different configuration options relevant for a frontpage:

A frontend example of the bike shop's frontpage

Figure 1.3 Frontpage - Rapido 3.4

A frontend example of the fashion site's frontpage

Figure 2.1 Frontpage Fashion - Rapido 3.3

A frontpage example of Rapido 3.2

Figure 3.1 Frontpage - Rapido 3.2

A frontpage example of Rapido 3.1

Figure 4.1 Frontpage - Rapido 3.1