Megamenu images

The megamenu can consist of an overview of the product groups and its subgroups. You can add product group images or product group promotion images to the megamenu.

This article will show you how to implement product group and product group promotion images.

You can read more about product group images here and more about product group promotion images here.

It is also possible to have both product group promotion images and megamenu promotion images.

The product group images are added on the product group level. The image will appear above the product group header in the megamenu as shown in Figure 2.1.

Figure 2.1 Images above the product group headers

To add product group images:

  • Go to Ecommerce Product catalog > Your shop > You product group
  • Right-click the product group and click Edit group (Figure 2.2)
Figure 2.2 Edit your product group
  • In the Media section, select an image in the Small field
Figure 2.3 Upload your product group image in the Small field

The product group promotion images are also images added on the product group level. The image will appear on the right side in the megamenu (Figure 3.1) when the tools menu is enabled.

Figure 3.1 Product group promotion image to the right

To add product group promotion images:

  • Go to Ecommerce > Product catalog > Your shop > Your product group
  • Right-click the product group and click Edit group (Figure 3.2)
Figure 3.2 Edit your product group
  • In the Product group fields section, upload a promotion image, write a header, and select a link for the image (optional).
Figure 3.3 Upload your product group promotion image