Blog list

This item is only compatible with Rapido 3.2 or earlier versions.

You can use the Rapido Content Model to create similar types of content.

Rapido features predefined templates for blog list and blog articles (Figure 2.1). The individual blog articles can be accessed from the blog list, which directs to the full content.

Figure 2.1 Blog list (left) & blogs article (right)

For more information about the blog list feature and articles, see the Features page.

To create a blog list, you must create a new page and choose the blog list item type (Figure 2.3).

Figure 2.3 Choose the blog list item type

Create a (simple) paragraph. Click App in the ribbon bar and select the item publisher (Figure 3.1).

Figure 3.1 Attach the item publisher to a new paragraph

In the Data section (Figure 3.2), set blog article as the item type and choose select items under current page (Page name: Your page's name).

Figure 3.2 Set blog article as item type and select items from under the current page

In the List section, select ItemPublisher/List/BlogList.cshtml as the template (Figure 3.3).

Figure 3.3 Select the template under List

To create articles to the blog list, right-click the created blog list and create a new page (Figure 4.1).

Figure 4.1 Create a blog article

Choose the blog article item type (Figure 4.2).

Figure 4.2 Choose the blog article item type

Fill in the information that is needed for the article (date, title, lead text, an image and a description) (Figure 4.3) and click Save.

Figure 4.3 Blog article setup

If you already have a blog list on your site but want to display the latest of these blog articles somewhere else, you can create a “Latest blogs” list (Figure 5.1).

Figure 5.1 Latest blogs

To create a latest blogs list, go to the page where you want the list to be and create a new paragraph. Name it e.g. “Latest blogs” (Figure 5.2).

Figure 5.2 Create a new paragraph

Then, click App in the ribbon bar and select the Item Publisher (Figure 5.3).

Figure 5.3 Attach the Item Publisher

In the Data section (Figure 6.1), select blog article as the item type and choose select items under the following page and selector will appear. Select the page with your usual blog list.

Figure 6.1 Set the item type and select the usual blog list in the Data section

In the List section, set the ItemPublisher/List/LatestNewsFrontpage.csthml as the template (Figure 6.2). Set the list to order by Date and make it descending.

Figure 6.2 Choose the template in the List section

Click Save and close.