Stock Locations

A stock location is a location where you keep stock – it could be a warehouse or a store. Stock locations are used in the stock matrix to track stock across several locations.

Stock locations are created from Settings > Ecommerce > Product Catalog > Stock Locations (Figure 1.1).

Click New and fill in the properties of the stock location (Figure 1.2).

You can provide:

  • A name (required)
  • A description
  • A category
  • A user whose user information is then coupled to the stock location (using the user ID)

These properties can then be accessed in frontend via either template tags,  the StockUnitViewModel, or through the API using the GetStockLocation method.

You can read more about using stock locations in the stock article.

A stock location category is a label which can be selected on stock locations – they can be created from Settings > Ecommerce > Product Catalog > Stock location categories.

They consist of:

  • A name
  • A description

The idea is that you can classify some stock locations as e.g. click & collect stores, and others as e.g. warehouses – and show only the appropriate stock locations in frontend.