Publication Periods

A publication period is a set of dates during which a product is published on your solution. A custom publication period may be set on each individual product - but you can also create more permanent, named publication periods (e.g. 'Christmas 2018') and select them on a product instead.

To create a named publication period:

  • Go to Settings > Ecommerce > Product Catalog > Publication Periods
  • Click New publication period in the toolbar to open the Edit publication period view (Figure 1.2)
  • Configure the campaign settings
Figure 1.2 Creating a campaign

You must:

  • Specify a name (e.g. ‘Christmas’ or ‘Halloween’)
  • Set a start date and end date for the publication period (or, if you want no end date, check the always valid checkbox).
  • Make it active (or deactivate it) for selection on your products
  • Choose to show products after the publication period has expired, if you want to show the product with the default price outside the publication period.