Visible Fields

The Visible Fields selector (Figure 1.1) is used to specify which fields to show in a given view mode or query – this is incredibly useful as it allows you to concentrate on the fields needed for the task at hand, without distractions.

If you are translating descriptions, for instance, you only really need to see the Description and Teaser Text fields across language, and not, say, the price field.

Figure 1.1 Selecting the fields to show

The visible fields selector can be used from the Multi-edit, and Details view modes:

  • Click the Visible fields button
  • Find the fields manually or using the search filter
  • Move the field you want to include from the left side column to the right side column
  • Sort the included fields in the order you want the columns to occur in
  • Click OK

You can also create field display groups and use them as visible field presets as in Figure 1.2.

Figure 1.2 Visible fields presets