Bulk edit

The Bulk edit tool lets you edit multiple products at once, across several fields, variants, and languages.

It is available from all view modes with one important difference:

  • From the List, and Thumbnails view modes only single products and main products can be edited in the default language
  • From the Multi-edit view mode only single products and main products can be edited across several languages
  • From the Details view mode only a main product and its variants & language versions can be edited

To use bulk edit:

  • Select or open the product(s) you want to bulk-edit
  • Click the bulk edit button to open the bulk edit interface (Figure 1.1).


Figure 1.1 Selecting the fields and languages to bulk-edit

From the bulk edit interface you must:

  • Select the languages to edit
  • Select the products or variants to edit - you can search for specific variants if you have many
  • Add one or more product fields and select or create a field value for each
  • Click Save

Two advanced settings are also available:

  • Add missing property fields to the selected products if they don't exist - read more about product properties
  • Create missing language versions for the selected products if they don't already exist 

Finally you save a configuration as a preset - a specific combination of languagessettings, and fields. Presets are only available to the user who saved them.