Translation Service

On PIM solutions with many ecommerce languages it is often useful to set up an integration to a translation service to ease the translation process. You can then use the translation service – typically Google Translate – to mass translate field values in PIM.

The translation service feature is available when using the Grid Edit tool.

In this section we will cover:

  • How to set up a translation provider
  • How to translate field values

To use this feature you must first set up a translation provider – a piece of software which integrates with an external translation service. Currently we only support using Google Translate via Google Cloud Services, and as such you must have a Google Cloud account.

To create a translation provider:

  1. Go to Settings > Editing > Translation service
  2. Click New Translation Provider in the toolbar
  3. Enter a name and tick the default checkbox if this is the first translation provider you’re setting up (and it is)
  4. Select a provider and fill in the parameters – currently we only support Google Translate via Google Cloud (Figure 2.1)

Select an authentication mode – service account or API key – and a matching json file/API key value.

Then click Test settings in the toolbar and verify that everything works as expected (Figure 2.2).

Once a translation provider has been set up you can use it to translate field values in PIM.

To do so navigate to PIM and open grid edit, then open the context menu for a text-field and click Translate (Figure 3.1).

This launches the translate modal (Figure 3.2).

In the Translate-modal:

  • Select a language to translate from
  • Select a number of languages to translate to
  • Click Run

The selected from-language will be translated into each to-language and the valies inserted in the relevant fields. Please note that this service depends on each language having a correct regional setting code under Settings > Ecommerce > Internationalization > Language. If you experience problems with the service try opening and resaving each language manually.