Email Notifications

Email Notifications are – as the name implies – notification emails which are sent to one or more users when a particular query returns result or exceeds a specific number of items.

To create an email notification:

  • Go to PIM > Email Notifications
  • Click Add notification and configure it (Figure 1.1)

You must:

  • Provide a title – this is the title under which this notification will appear in the list of notifications
  • Write a subject for the notification email
  • Select recipients
  • Select a query and a rule for when to trigger the email
    • Send if query contains result
    • Send if query contains more than X results
    • Always send
  • Select an email template
  • Select a max number of items to include in the email
  • Use the placeholder selectors to specify which fields to include in the list of items in the email

Currently you must set a values for each placeholder field.

Once you save a notification, a new scheduled task called Send PIM email notifications will be created. By default this scheduled task is set to run once per day – starting 24 hours after you created the first PIM email notification.