Permissions in PIM

Before you read this document you should familiarize yourself with the general permissions documentation, which explains the principles  behind the permissions model used in Dynamicweb. This article deals specifically with how to set permissions on PIM content & tools – an area which is often confusing to newcomers, because PIM is a complex tool with complex possibilities.

You have the following options when setting permissions in PIM:

  • PIM Area button & Tree:
    • Permissions on the PIM Area button are inherited to all nodes in the tree – but not to e.g. ribbon bar tools or fields in the content pane
  • Ribbon bar tools:
    • Access to Ribbon bar tools are controlled from the permissions matrix for the user group
  • Languages:
    • A user with access to the PIM tree will always have at least Read-access to the default language
    • Permissions on other Ecom Languages must be explicitly set under Settings > Ecommerce > Internationalization > Languages
  • Products & Groups
    • Permissions set on Warehouses and PIM Groups inherit to products in those groups
    • If a user does not have access to a product it will also not appear in queries or structure queries
    • Products will still be visible in channels and in the all PIM products and All Products lists
  • Fields:
    • Access to fields can be controlled in several (indirect) ways
    • First, you can use the Fields settings to make some fields read only or hidden – this will apply to all non-administrator users
    • Second, you can restrict users to Read access to the Visible Fields selector – which means they cannot freely add or remove fields from the current view.
    • Third, option two can be combined with Read-permission to a set of relevant field display groups used as presets in the Visible Fields selector.

Please note that permissions on products in PIM are not inherited to Ecommerce – permissions must explicitly be set here. We strongly recommend removing the option of editing product data in Ecommerce on PIM solutions.