Rapido 3.4

Rapido 3.4 requires Dynamicweb 9.8.9+ and is released as a bacpac file created using the MS SQL Server 2014 format (version 12.0.4237). It can be imported into SQL Server 2012 with 2014 Client Tools using SQL Server Management Studio 2014 version 12.0.4237.

Rapido 3.4 has been released with the following headlines:

Features on Rapido 3.4:

  • Rapido content model – Visual editor: ​
    • ​Dynamic article paragraphs column​
      • Now supported in Visual editor
      • Used to automatically showcase a set of articles on another page, e.g. the landing page or about page.
    • Notification overlays column
      • Now supported in Visual editor
      • Used to create pop ups on a page to draw attention and redirect visitors to e.g. an event article.
  • ​Order drafts
    • Improved workflow and design for order drafts.
    • Sales representatives can now create multiple drafts for each customer
    • Select one:
      • Support for assigning custom discounts to an order draft – and/or change item prices
      • Support for using the variant matrix on order drafts with extended variants
  • One-page checkout
    • A new clean and simplistic one-page checkout is available
    • Includes 3 steps; cart, checkout, and payment/receipt
    • Supports editable fields, static fields, and read-only fields
    • This one-page checkout does not support recurring orders  & loyalty points
  • Product page
    • Display groups
      • On PIM solutions, display groups are often used to group relevant product fields and product category fields together. Rapido now supports rendering these display groups in frontend instead of product category fields. This is useful because they are more dynamic and flexible than category field collections.
    • Assets categories
      • Support for asset categories introduced. Asset categories are used on PIM solutions to categorize assets like images, videos, drawings, etc. and to control how they are are inherited across language versions and variants.
      • Asset category content can now be shown in e.g. the product image section, the downloads section, or on a dedicated video section.
  • Variant matrix
    • Product page - image preview
      • Image previews have been added on the matrix for variant color options, showcasing the color or print image for the specific variant
    • Order drafts
      • The variant matrix can be used on order drafts, allowing the user/sales rep. to quickly select which variants to add to a draft
    • Checkout 
      • The variant matrix can be shown for extended variants in the cart before checkout

General improvements

  • Improved design for: Sign in page, Create account page, forgot password page and impersonation list page.
  • Footer link: General link color no longer used in the footer.
  • Missing images for content: You can now set an alternative image/missing image for content when no image is set on e.g. a dynamic article