Bug Fixes for Rapido 3.0

Here you can see all bug fixes for the current branch.

Bug fixes

Version: 3.0.1

33 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Title Area
55458 Bug Rapido: Center text Rapido
55622 Bug Rapido: The email "title" is always "Rapido email" Rapido - Newsletter
55693 Bug Rapido: [DOM] Found 2 elements with non-unique id error Rapido
55724 Bug Rapido: In the product template the "Price" and "Buy" Block is a duplicate Rapido - Product card
55796 Bug Rapido: When there is only select one product list then there is no need to show the list icon Rapido - Product list and search
55809 Bug Rapido: Product page - 'Hide product number' setting doesn't work Rapido - Product card
55810 Bug Rapido: Problems with favorite icon in a list/dropdowns when 'Use Font Awesome pro' set to False Rapido
55821 Bug Rapido: GoogleTagManagerID gives error on AddToCart 'Cannot read property 'productInfo' of undefined' Rapido
55851 Bug Rapido: Related products on productpage Rapido - Product card
55855 Bug Rapido: Expand.js does not have correct code design Rapido
55920 Bug Rapido: The support for new product list views are not good enough Rapido - Product list and search
56121 Bug Rapido: Enabling Custom JS does not work Rapido
56162 Bug Rapido: Products details view design problems on tablets Rapido - Product list and search
56323 Bug Rapido: "No. Rec#" looks like link when hovering over, but it's a header in fact Rapido
56428 Bug Rapido: Point shop on product page show wrong button Rapido
56442 Bug Rapido: Product list - details view Rapido
56452 Improvement Rapido: Rapido hotfix 3.0.1 part 1 Rapido
56560 Bug Rapido: Correct message when "Point shop only" enabled Rapido
56596 Bug Rapido: Product name is missing in "Product is added to the cart" dialog when added from Quick ordering section Rapido
56860 Bug Rapido: Loyalty points in check out Rapido
56914 Bug Rapido: UnitOptions field wrong position in a product list when "Point shop only" enabled Rapido
57086 Improvement Rapido: Rapdio hotfix 3.0.1 part 2 Rapido
57248 Bug Rapido: Paragraph does not use full height - u-center; content position center Rapido
57587 Bug Rapido: Internet Explorer not showing pictures Rapido
57617 Bug Rapido: Menu bug in Safari browser Rapido
57738 Bug Rapido: When enabling anonymous user the cart in navigation is not hidden Rapido
57898 Bug Rapido: Missing translation tag Order confimation Rapido
57899 Bug Rapido: Missing translation tags and danish translation Rapido
57900 Bug Rapido: Checkout cannot click on the terms of condition link Rapido
57904 Bug Rapido: missing translation tag and danish translation on the mobile navigation Rapido
57906 Bug Rapido: Log in dropdown menu is hard to hover over Rapido
58091 Bug Rapido: Mobile does not hide icons when it is enabled Rapido
58446 Bug Rapido: When a menu is not clickable it still show a hand icon when hovering Rapido

Version: 3.0

4 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Title Area
52351 Bug Rapido: Background images does not use the full height Rapido - General layout
52727 Bug Exception when saving page as template in empty Rapido Rapido
52873 Bug Rapido: Bug in variant handling javascript Rapido
53853 Bug Rapido: cart.cshtml uses GetInteger which rounds it up/down Rapido