Rapido 3.0

Rapido 3.0 requires Dynamicweb version 9.5.2+ and MS SQL Server 2014 or newer.

Upgrading from Rapido 2.1 to Rapido 3.0 is currently not recommended, due to breaking changes in website settings. A converter for mapping from 2.1 website settings to 3.0 website settings is in development.

Read more about upgrading Rapido and the difference between minor and major releases here.

Rapido 3.0 has been released with the following headline features:

  • Tabs in website settings
    • Website settings are now divided into 6 different tabs: Layout, Product list, Product page, Ecommerce, Settings and Custom. This will give a better overview over the different settings for the different areas, when making configurations on the site. This will not only give a better overview but a faster way to work with the website settings.
    • (We will work on a converter that can map the old website settings from Rapido 2.1  to Rapido 3.0)
  • Notification overlays - Set up one or more pop ups on a page, to notify the user of e.g. an event, information, newsletter sign up, in order to create more leads. It is possible to define the design and action.
  • Videoes on the Product/detail page - It is now possible to add one or more video links on the product page, where the videos will get its own section, the videos can give your product more infomation e.g. instructions or commercial vidoes of the product.
  • Loyalty points & Point shop
    • Loyalty points -  Rapido supports DW loyalty points, use loyalty points to create a reward and loyalty point price. Loyalty points can be used on a shop where the user can pay with either card or points. The user can also earn points through purchases.
    • Point shop - It is possible to turn the ordinary product list into a point shop catalog. Pointshop is a site for its own, where users are only allowed to pay with points (no credit cards & they cannot earn points). 
  • Facebook pixel -  Supports facebook pixel standard events, in order to optmize ads and collect data.
  • Google Tag Manager and Enhanced Ecommerce - Add functionality in Google Analytics reports e.g. when users has added a product to cart, start the checkout process and complete the check out process.
  • Extensibility points for templates (Documentation how to use these will come soon) 
    Currently extensibility points will allow you to create smaller blocks of custom code, for the Master template, Product list, Product page and check out.
    • ​Master - Create custom code on the Master file, by using extensibility points. 
    • Product list - E.g. create a new product list view design, without changing the templates that comes with Rapido.
    • Product page - e.g. adding new sections into the product page. 

The following features have also been added in the website settings and container paragraphs to allow for many more options when creating content:

  • Paragraph container
    • Video background - add a video link on a container and use it as a video background, could be used for branding on the site.
    • Full screen height - Choose full screen height on the conatiner, to create focus on some specific images.
  • Mini cart
    • Design - Set a design on your mini-cart icon, select between a counter, show price and coloring. 
    • Behavior - Set a behavior when a product has been added to the cart e.g. mini-cart will open shortly, or a pop up will appear asking if you want to continue shopping or go to the checkout.
    • Animation - Set an animation for the counter, when a product has been added to the mini-cart

The following area has also improved:

  • New facet code - Better support for selecting both sorting and filters/facets.
  • Retina images - Better support for retina images.
  • Promotion products item type - Using same design as defined in Product list (grid view).
  • SVG icons - Clearer icons and a more visual illustrations of the different settings in the backend.