Bug Fixes for Rapido 3.1

Here you can see all bug fixes for the current branch.

Bug fixes

Version: 3.1.1

27 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Title Area
61646 Bug Rapido: Stickers on employee list is broken Rapido
61750 Bug Rapido: Not all Headers uses font colors on the paragraph container Rapido
61751 Bug Rapido: Promotion products does not use the same hover functionlities as Product list - grid view Rapido
61962 Bug Rapido: Wireframe mode does not remove styling on dynamic articles carousel Rapido
61963 Bug Rapido: Wireframe mode does not remove the styling on maps module Rapido
62139 Bug Rapido: Cart: Country not selected in alternative addresses Rapido
62145 Bug Rapido: Image crop using wrong icon illustration Rapido - Paragraphs and item types
62195 Bug Rapido 3.2: GoogleTagManagerID value results in error on product links Rapido
62448 Bug Rapido: Add null checks in Page.cshtml Rapido
62486 Bug Rapido: The body + subheader font does not seem to be rendered? Rapido - General layout
62540 Bug Rapido: Dynamic blogs category background color does not changes when using color swatch Rapido - Paragraphs and item types
62543 Bug Rapido: error on - Show as card on paragraphs Rapido - Paragraphs and item types
62587 Bug Rapido: Extranet app "On login, redirect to" setting doesn't work Rapido
62843 Bug Rapido: Template error if news article doesn't contain an image Rapido
62913 Bug Rapido: Error in frontend with Dynamic article (both list and detail) Rapido
63329 Bug Rapido 3.2: Product fields (details) disappearing from product page when "Collect all downloads" setting enabled Rapido
63330 Bug Rapido: Megamenu overlapping the left facets on the product list page Rapido
63390 Bug Rapido: Hide "Create account", Hide "Forgot password" link settings do not hide the links in the modal Rapido
63865 Bug Rapido: Filter bug when using percentage Rapido - Product list and search
63955 Bug Rapido: Dynamic article button not switching class Rapido - Paragraphs and item types
64008 Bug Rapido: Some product images are rendered twice in the thumbnails Rapido
64095 Bug Rapido: Shows prices on Product list details view when enabling 'Only preview for anonymous users' Rapido
64159 Bug Rapido: Menu items overlapping for slides menu type in Digital Warehouse Rapido
64850 Bug Rapido: Dynamic list/articles cannot be placed outside a folder Rapido
65455 Bug Rapido: Search Bar overlap the mini cart Rapido
80272 Improvement Rapido 3.4: update clean up scripts Rapido

Version: 3.1

27 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Title Area
55444 Bug Field name is not used in Variant table Rapido
57114 Bug Rapido: Voucher error message in check out Rapido
57560 Bug Error exception in build notification template on mailing Rapido
58015 Bug Rapido: Link on approval not correct in admin confirmation mail Rapido
58242 Bug Rapido: Problem with facets expanding/not expanding after selecting a facet Rapido - Product list and search
58413 Bug Carousel doesn't render images with certain settings combinations Rapido
58599 Bug Rapido: Conflict regarding multiple naming called Download on the product page and Download on a product category field Rapido
58609 Bug Rapido: Download section on product page collects all from the file uploader Rapido
58629 Bug Rapido: MiniCart notification uses wrong link Rapido
58766 Bug Rapido: Internet explorer error with wide text, when selecting full width + content position center text Rapido
58786 Bug Rapido: White button when hovering, when selecting white font and white frame Rapido
59388 Bug Rapido 3.1: clickable has no affect for tools menu Rapido - Menu and navigation
59608 Bug Breadcrumb does not work properly when a variant is selected on a product page Content
59902 Bug Rapido: Buttons.LockButton validation error on forms for editors Rapido
60143 Bug Rapido: Email sent not totally shown in Gmail on mobile + no styling after click on 'View entire message' link Rapido
60661 Bug Rapido: Cannot hide shipping when enabling it from website settings Rapido
60761 Bug Rapido: public Favorite list checkbox should be removed from template Rapido
60836 Bug Rapido: Product list - when a default variant is selected the add to cart button is disabaled Rapido
60943 Bug Rapido: The mobile slider menu shows content from first levels Rapido
61023 Bug Rapido: when activating Google tag manager cannot complete the checkout because it is referring to checkout.html that does not exist Rapido
61030 Bug Rapido: Impersonation bar is not shown on smaller devices Rapido
62233 Bug Rapido: Carefully test and fix all Custom__Blocks.cshtml includes Rapido
63600 Bug Rapido: Tablet Horizontal header bug Rapido - General layout
63602 Bug Rapido: Breadcrumbs is not shown in Rapido 3.0.1 Rapido - Menu and navigation
64701 Bug Rapido: Inconsistency for Payment&Shipping summary details in a multi-step cart Rapido
65245 Bug Rapido: Change delivery parcel shop doesn't update delivery address Rapido
67294 Bug Rapido 3.1: The Acceptance Block in the cart is wrongly named Rapido