Bug Fixes for Rapido 2.0

Here you can see all bug fixes for the current branch.

Bug fixes

Version: 2.0.2

16 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Title Area
49174 Bug Rapido: Internet explorer issues on news list and blog list Rapido
49176 Bug Rapido: Internet explorer - Product list is not shown Rapido
49486 Bug Rapido 2.0.2: Internet Explorer: Cannot see product list Rapido - Product list and search
49487 Bug Rapido: IE: Wrong image position Rapido
49570 Bug Rapdio: Search field for top layout normal mode is shorter and not centered Rapido
50030 Bug Rapido: Left side navigation does not render in front end Rapido
50303 Bug Rapido/RapidoPIM 2.1: Selecting of filters + resetting all filters resets selected view Rapido
50375 Bug Rapido: Video frame height is too short in Edge, IE and Firefox Rapido
50617 Bug Rapido: Left side navigation issues Rapido
50957 Bug Rapido: Correct parcel spots alignment in 'Choose a parcel shop' window Rapido
51242 Bug Rapido: Adding product to favorite list resets selected view Rapido
51291 Bug Rapido: 'Show me' button - incorrect style, interval missing Rapido
51399 Bug Rapido: Slider in the product detail/page is broken when a lot of images are added to a product Rapido
51765 Bug Rapido: Non-image files displayed in product carousel gallery Rapido
53455 Bug Rapido: Left side navigation in Rapido 2.0 does not show the arrow icon Rapido
59533 Bug FillProductPrices not working in Integration Framework v2 Integration - Framework\Live

Version: 2.0.1

30 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Title Area
46891 Bug Rapido: Cursor is not placed in search box when clicked on the search icon for toplayout minimized Rapido
47029 Bug Rapido: Alignment issue at confirmation page after user creation (mobile version) Rapido
47149 Bug Rapido: Resize "By all" button + correct alignment on Favorite list view Rapido
47726 Bug Rapido: Collapsed FullImage preview in product card Rapido
47804 Bug Rapido: Product catalog broken in a mobile view, keeps loading Rapido
47813 Bug Rapido: "+" is not centered on "Add new address" button in cart Rapido
47913 Bug Rapido: Cannot add products to cart from search results dropdown Rapido
47944 Bug Rapido: Product list view default settings broken Rapido
47945 Bug Rapido: Parcel shop toggle design is cut off Rapido
47947 Bug Rapido: Change label in favorite search field from "Search products" to "Search favorites" Rapido
47951 Bug Rapido: Promotion itemtype is not accesable from content pages - edit restrictions Rapido
48045 Bug Rapido: Content not centered on Favorites list page Rapido
48049 Bug Rapido: "Ecommerce receipt header background color" setting doesn't work Rapido
48155 Bug Rapido: View buttons splitted into 2 lines on Danish site in a mobile view Rapido
48157 Bug Rapido 2.1: Display logo and navigation on 1 line for mobile view Rapido - Menu and navigation
48158 Bug Rapido 2.1: Map doesn't fit "Chose parcel shop" window in iPad view Rapido - Shopping cart
48206 Bug Rapido 2.1: Labels not aligned when only one shipping with parcel shops exists/selected Rapido - Shopping cart
48219 Bug Rapido 2.1 : Mega menu - Make better support when there are long titles Rapido - Menu and navigation
48329 Bug Rapido 2.1: Design corrections "No products found" message in Quick ordering section search Rapido - General layout
48344 Bug Rapido 2.1: Case settings doesn't work for all 3 types of Ecommerce stickers Rapido - General layout
48347 Bug Rapido 2.1: Stock info is not hidden in the Product page for anonymous users when the setting is chosen Rapido - Product card
48365 Bug Rapido: Carousel doesn't work on Customer's site when PageNoEcom.cshtml template selected Rapido
48384 Bug Rapido 2.1: Banners are cut of when PageNoEcom.cshtml template selected Rapido - General layout
48475 Bug Rapido 2.1: "Sign in" button displays out of dialog borders when text input panel opens on small devices Rapido - General layout
48589 Bug Rapido 2.1: Alignment issues in mini cart Rapido - General layout
48620 Bug Rapido 2.1: Unable to change Country in a multi-step checkout cart step 2 Rapido - Shopping cart
48655 Bug Rapido: "Hide banner settings" on mobile is not working Rapido
48711 Bug Rapido 2.1: Itemtype Maps does not work in the PageNoEcom.cshtml template Rapido - General layout
49075 Bug Rapido: UpdateFacet() function removes id parameters from url's Rapido
49498 Bug Rapido: The product list view buttons does not align Rapido