Rapido 2.0

It is not recomended to upgrade from Rapido 1.0 BETA 2 to Rapido 2.0, due to breaking changes.
Read about rules regarding upgrades for major and minor releases in this article here.

Rapido 2.0 requires Dynamicweb version 9.4.4. or newer and the baseline database is in MS SQL Server 2014 format.

Rapido 2.0 has been released with the following headline features:

  • Better design - the templates and designs have a lot of improvements and bugfixes that improves the compatibility with dazzling designs... :-)
  • Multi-step-check out - choose between a one-step or multi-step check out flow for your shop. Choose the type of checkout flow that supports your customer types, in the best way. Checkout flows can be combined so some users use one-step checkout, while others use the multi-step checkout.
  • GLS parcel shop - a map has been added for the GLS parcel shop to help choose the shop closest to the customer.
  • Quotes - customers can send quotes using the Dynamicweb quoting feature - the entire flow related to quotes and customer center has been implemented.
  • Saved card - customers can save their credit cards from the checkout flow, for easy reuse in later checkouts.
  • Search in favorites - now customers can search for products in their favorite list using all the same features known from the product search, supporting much bigger sized favorite lists and easy purchase options.
  • Sorting - In the product list customers can sort products through: Newest/price high-low/low-high.
  • Gallery app - create a gallery of images with sliders and carousels.
  • Support templates for the group check box used for the product catalogue to allow group navigation in the content area, until users get comprehensive know-how regarding the product structure to find the products they want. The feature supports images, names and descriptions.
  • Support Google search features using schema tags
    • Product - Google schema mark up has been added to the product pages to enable rich product result through searches in Google to show prices, images etc.
    • Breadcrumbs - Google uses breadcrumb markup in the body of a webpage to categorize the information in a search result
    • Events - discover events easier through search and show event details in Google search results
    • Local business - can display a graph card with company details when your company is searched in Google.
  • Product group
    • Product images - show an image for each product subgroup in the mega menu to allow for a more graphic user experience.
    • Promotion image - show image, text and a link for each product group in the mega menu to enable cross, upsales or promote campaigns.
    • Product group page - add image and text to a product group list pages to allow for better SEO
  • Related group section - show more than 1 related group section when entering a product allowing for any number of sections like related products, other customers bought etc. 
  • Handlebars js - instead of our own, we now use the handlebars template engine
  • Json feeds - easier set up in the product catalogue using the new feed feature in product catalog app - it is not longer needed to have 2 pages for product lists etc.
  • Product query - simplified and optimized with new support for new PIM features and the possibility to hide or show variant dimensions in lists.

The following features have also been added in the website settings and container paragraphs to enable many more options when creating regular content pages:

  • Paragraph container
    • Carousel create a carousel with 1 or more paragraphs and set a timer. Supports both images and sliders of full paragraphs with text, images and buttons.
    • Edit height - choose between the predefined heights of the container. Set the height of i.e. images or text blocks to small, medium, large and x-large
    • Seperation line - be able to add a seperation line between content blocks for better design options.
  • Stickers - define promotion stickers for products.
    • 'New' stickers can be added on new products for X amount of days.
    • 'Sale' stickers can be added for products that has a discount, where you can choose to show (discount name, percentage, saved price).
    • Custom stickers can be added for specific products to let users know that it is part of a campaign, or another form of promotion
  • Top design
    • Choose a fourth top design layout
    • Choose to have a shadow effect under the navigation.
  • Sign in dropdown - be able to configurate, what should be shown in the Sign-in dropdown to allow for removal of features not implemented on the solution.
  • Third button design - define a third button design to allow for more different and specific call-to-action designs.
  • Footer - up to 3 text columns

The following area has also improved:

  • Mobile navigation - be able to open subcategories in the mobile navigation, without redirecting to the page each time
  • Lazy load - of images has been added on e.g. the product list and other long pages to avoid loading images not over the fold - improves performance for users of the website and limits load on the server. Also images are compressed more to increase download speed.
  • Customer center - redesign on profile page, order page, favorite list, saved cards and an updated manage address section.
  • Product card
    • A carousel will appear on additional product images, when it has more than 6 images
    • Image preview/zoom when clicking images
  • Wireframe mode - better support for wireframe mode supporting things like video, images, etc.