Bug Fixes for Rapido 3.4

This is an autogenerated list of bug fixes and improvements contained in each version of Rapido. If this is an active branch, the most recent version may be unreleased

Bug fixes

Version: 3.4.3

11 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Title Area
85316 Bug Grid view: options outside border Rapido
85491 Bug IntegrationCustomerCenter RenderOrders Rapido Template date bug Rapido
87055 Bug ShowOrderModal iframe opens productlinks in the iframe Rapido
87453 Bug Breadcrumb column doesn't work Rapido
88047 Bug Carousel images do not follow mobile screen height Rapido
88121 Bug Recurring Orders datetime bug Rapido
88789 Bug Rapido: Required asterix is not rendered when list fields are required Rapido
89232 Bug Overlay rendering no image as background image Rapido
89466 Bug Bug in QuoteDetails.cshtml template Rapido
90130 Bug Unable to edit quantity in cart Rapido
90720 Bug Empty button on product list pages that have promotions Rapido

Version: 3.4.2

11 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Title Area
85719 Bug Font-weight: regular is a valid property value Rapido
86067 Bug Promotion products Rapido
86365 Bug Mobile: Too much space before content Rapido - General layout
86392 Bug Issues in cart at mobile devices Rapido - General layout
86508 Bug Page position on products list page Rapido - Product list and search
86666 Bug Changing qty in cart Rapido
86886 Bug Cart/Minicart empty cart not working in FF Rapido
87155 Improvement Promotion products Rapido
87162 Improvement Rapido 3.4.2: Make order list adaptive Rapido - General layout
87172 Improvement Rapido 3.4.2: Make favorites list adaptive Rapido - General layout
87375 Improvement Cleanup rapido 3 head project and templates Rapido

Version: 3.4.1

19 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Title Area
77738 Bug Inconsistency of Order templates date format Rapido
79916 Improvement Rapido: Clean up Rapido Rapido
80494 Bug DynamicArticles 'dw-mod' class missing Rapido
81585 Bug Row height=auto is collapsing row height on carrusel Rapido
82499 Bug Responsive menu options are overlapped on mobile Rapido
82637 Bug Limiting a related product to only certain variants doesn't work Rapido
82819 Bug Image Component Background Color bug Rapido
82905 Bug Field display groups shown in frontend do not work with List box field type Rapido
83476 Improvement Add Digital warehouse to: Download Rapido 3.4 (Only Pages & Ecommerce Content, No Products) Rapido
83478 Improvement Set ECOM UPDATES XML files to: Download Rapido 3.4 (Only Pages & Ecommerce Content, No Products) Rapido
83479 Improvement Add template to: Download Rapido 3.4 (Only Pages & Ecommerce Content, No Products) Rapido
83667 Bug Content search returns blank page Rapido
83868 Bug Bug in Integration customer center, invoices Rapido
84015 Bug Promotion block - missing button and header Rapido
84102 Bug Missing product images at Newsletter pages Rapido
84215 Bug Dynamic articles carousel breaks page width Rapido
84768 Bug Bug in Digital assets link Rapido
85001 Bug Product page Tabs on mobile Rapido
85004 Bug Error in mega menu when using 9.9.0 Rapido

Version: 3.4

25 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Title Area
63666 Improvement Rapido 3.4: GetImage Alternative Image configurations Rapido
77907 Bug Price is hidden when "Hide add to cart" is enabled Rapido
78414 Improvement Rapido 3.4: US features - Sort product alphabetically (Merging task) Rapido
78418 Improvement Rapido 3.4: US features - Payment provider "helper" methods (Merging task) Rapido
78421 Improvement Rapido 3.4: US features - Data integration notification emails (Merging task) Rapido
78430 Improvement Rapido 3.4: Co3 - New product list - tiles view design Rapido
78959 Improvement Rapido 3.4: Co3 - New Impersonation list design Rapido
79263 Improvement Rapido 3.4: Checkout - New one step cart layout design (PART 1) Rapido
79268 Improvement Rapido 3.4: Checkout - Usability improvement (PART 2) (merge) Rapido
79309 Improvement Rapido 3.4: Use Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.Common.Context.DisplayPricesWithVat Rapido
79500 Improvement Rapido 3.4: Order draft details - new flow (PART 2) Rapido
79501 Improvement Rapido 3.4: Order draft - new flow - review order before approving (PART 3) Rapido
79503 Improvement Rapido 3.4: Checkout - Flow and layout optimisation (PART 3) Rapido
79504 Improvement Rapdio 3.4: Order draft list and draft details with variant matrix Rapido
79732 Improvement Rapido 3.4: Content model - Columns for Dynamic articles paragraph for Visual editor Rapido
79994 Improvement Rapdio 3.4: Checkout - flow & layout optimisation (PART 4) Rapido
80214 Improvement Rapido 3.4: AD-HOC - Product page - Product source (PIM only) - Display groups & assets categories Rapido
80462 Improvement Rapido 3.4: Update database & upload files (PIM - scenarios) Rapido
80509 Improvement Rapdio 3.4: Feedback from Rapido Review Rapido
80563 Improvement Rapido 3.4: AD-HOC - Footer color link should not use link color and link active color Rapido
80645 Improvement Rapido 3.4: Unify headlines, forms, buttons and alignment/width on signin/forgot password, create user/subscription and confirmation pages Rapido
80768 Improvement Rapido 3.4: Demosite + clean up + upload proper min.css and json files Rapido
80843 Improvement Rapido 3.4: Bugs that needs to be merged to rapido3head Rapido
80915 Bug GTM currency tracking Rapido
81686 Improvement Rapido 3.4: Rename everthing that has the label Fashion to something else Rapido