Rapido 2.1

It is not recomended to upgrade from Rapido 1.0 BETA 2 to Rapido 2.1, due to breaking changes.
Read about rules regarding upgrades for major and minor releases in this article here.

Rapido 2.1 requires Dynamicweb version 9.4.15. or newer and the baseline database is in MS SQL Server 2014 format.

Rapido 2.1 has been released with the following headline features:

  • Product list - It is now possible to configure the design of the product list (List, Grid and Details view). This allows you to configure a product list that fits the way you intend to present your products. You can decide which color it should have, if you want a border, which information should be visible and how many columns e.g. the grid view should have. 
  • Product detail/page
    • Image placement & width - Decide where your product image should be placed on the product page and decide a width for the top area section, based on the size of your product description and image.
    • ​​Information alignment -  choose how the information should be aligned for stock, shipping info, price and add to cart button
    • Section/ribbon/tab - the details page is divided into different sections and you can decide if it should be shown as a regular section, in a ribbon or in tabs.
    • List, grid, table - Present your product fields, product categories, downloads as list, grid or a table.
    • Variant list - present your extended variant as an individual product on a table instead of variant buttons, and select which information should be shown from the product fields.
  • Left side facets  - Decide the look of the left side factes, color, font and borders.
  • Content search - Choose if your website needs a content search, product search or a combination of both.
  • Mobile Toplayout
    • Toplayout design - Choose between 4 different designs where the placement of the logo, burger menu, cart and search icon differs.
    • Colors & Logo - Select a different logo or top layout color for smaller devices.
  • Mobile navigation design - Choose between 2 different mobile navigations.
    • Expandable navigation - Minimize/maximize the menu level vertically. 
    • Slider navigation - Slide through the menu horizontally and open the next level on a new page menu.
  • Toplayout design - 3 more designs are added to the toplayout configuration
  • Navigation
    • Icons in navigation - It is possible to use other icons from font awesome free and font awesome 5 for icons in navigation, the profile, favorite list, cart and search icons. (Each partner need their pro license to use it)
    • Hide icons - It is possible to hide icons from the navigation e.g. cart, favorite icons for non ecommerce solutions.
    • Language dropdown - Show the flag of the country in the language dropdown in the navigation.
    • Logo height - Decide the height of the brand logo on the navigation
    • Product category filter - The product category dropdown filter on the search field can now be hidden
  • Check out
    • Recurring orders - is added to the checkout flow and customers can now order products for recurring usage.
    • Voucher code - is added in the check out flow and customers can now type in a voucher code during their checkout. 
    • Quote link - be able to hide the quote link from the checkout flow
    • Shipping providers - support Unifaun
  • Footer - On the footer it is possible to add card type and verified payment icons, based on what your website supports
  • Apps  - These apps are now supported on Rapido
    • File publishing App - you can publish content of any folder to the website or allow customers to upload files to any folders
    • Search weighted App - allows the user to find specific topics on the website
    • Maps App - is now supported 
    • Site maps App -  gives an overview over the website
  • White paper list - gives an overview over downloadable content on the page e.g. brochures, instructioms, videos etc. 

The following features have also been added in the website settings and container pargraphs to allow for many more options when creating regular constant pages:

  • Image filtering  Add one or two filters on the paragraph image e.g. (blur, darken, brighten, color filter from one of the brand colors, black/white) to give your image a lift when creating content on the page.
  • Paragraph width - The width 1/6, 1/12 are added to to the paragraphs
  • Secondary link - Add a secondary link to a paragraph
  • Brand colors - Set, up to 5 brand colors in website settings which you easily can use in the paragraphs/containers paragraphs.
  • Header 3 - Set a design for H3, which can be used in the paragraph / containers.

The following area has also been improved:

  • No Ecom template - The Ecom and NoEcom template is now merged together. The purpose with the NoEcom template was to hide all ecommerce related elements. But this can now simply be done by hiding it from the navigation.
  • Email - When creating a newsletter it is now possible to add a background color, seperation line, use the button designs from website settings. Decide the top/bottom color for email, a logo and its alignment.
  • Events - There have been some improvments for the event list
  • Cookie - warning templates
  • Variant engine - new and simplified 
  • Schema.org - update