Bug Fixes for Rapido 2.1

Here you can see all bug fixes for the current branch.

Bug fixes

Version: 2.1.1

21 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Title Area
50866 Bug Rapido: Need correct search field in IE under top layout 1 Rapido
50947 Bug Rapido: Header logo does not work on devices when using .svg format Rapido
51437 Bug Rapido: text for impersonation is worded backward Rapido
51673 Bug Rapido: content position : left aligned in center Rapido
52230 Bug Rapido: Alignment + translation issues on pages (Events, Blogs, Partners) Rapido
52395 Bug Rapido: Mega menu ruins the navigation in Firefox Rapido
52396 Bug Rapido: Content position center does not place the image in center only the text Rapido
52429 Bug Too small image on the paragraph Rapido
52509 Bug Rapido: Top + bottom spacing on paragraph container adds spacing on the width which is wrong Rapido
52539 Bug Rapido: Long description is not rendered on the product page Rapido
52546 Bug Rapido: Headers are not being rendered in the email receipt Rapido
52576 Bug Rapido: Paragraph width settings is not aligned Rapido
52577 Bug Rapido: Orderlist B2B remove link Rapido
52600 Bug Rapido: Email button is too wide Rapido
52698 Bug Rapido: Carousel does not work Rapido
52699 Bug Rapido: Mobile navigation toplayout and the icon illustration does not match Rapido
53107 Bug Rapido: Carrousel when adding more than 2 images, the image does not appear Rapido
53245 Bug Rapido : IE issue - promotion image in mega menu Rapido
53275 Bug Rapido: Sorting is not working on Rapido 2.1 together with the facets Rapido
53710 Bug Rapido: Chosen filter get stuck to selection when going browsing back Rapido
54109 Bug Rapido: When enabling left side navigation the container paragraphs are not rendered properly Rapido