Bug Fixes for Rapido 3.3

Here you can see all bug fixes for the current branch.

Rapido 3.3.1 : Order draft fixes on Rapido has been done, but it also requires Dynamicweb 9.8.7

Bug fixes

Version: 3.3.1

29 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Title Area
73024 Bug Rapido: Mobile - Add to cart overlay buttons not aligned Rapido
73087 Bug Rapido: Acceptance block doesn't disappear when "Hide terms and conditions"=false Rapido
73088 Bug Rapido: Sign in Modal popping up when returning from the cart Rapido
73301 Bug Rapido: Events do not give any info which events user has submitted to Rapido
73663 Bug Multiple forms on same page bug Rapido
74006 Bug Rapido: QuoteDetails template includes the OrderDetails custom blocks instead of the QuoteDetails Rapido
74008 Bug Rapido: Wrong block ID names in Shipping.cshtml Rapido
74496 Bug Rapido: issue with deserializing in productlist Rapido
74551 Bug Rapido: OG meta tags + Facebook meta tag wrong syntax Rapido
75950 Bug Email Logo Rapido - Newsletter
77161 Bug Rapido: Logo missing in Newsletter emails Rapido
77366 Bug Multiple gallery modules will inherit images Rapido
77413 Bug Rapido: Order draft - shows customer number twice when email info is empty Rapido
77414 Bug Rapido: Add new draft to other customers gives wrong info when NOT using impersonation Rapido
77429 Bug Rapido: Customer center list design - flickers a lot when hovering Rapido
77522 Bug Rapido: Inconsistency in the way how Country displaying in order details and order confirmation email Rapido
77564 Bug Rapido: Error in Integration Customer Center Rapido
77922 Bug Rapido: Order draft - detail page Unit prices and Alt. prices changes when editing Qty. field Rapido
78097 Bug Rapido: Vertical alignment not working in carousel when a link is inserted Rapido
78960 Bug Rapido: Cookie - PanelWarning.cshtml & ModalWarning.cshtml does not work when enabling it Rapido
78989 Bug Rapido: Not possible to access Websites at empty 3.3 solutions Rapido
79075 Bug Rapido: Reload minicart on browser back button Rapido
79082 Bug Use Pageview.Area.Dateformat instead of “dd/MM/yyyy” – the date format in the US is different Rapido
79334 Bug Rapido: Order draft - Empty field in Alt Unit price Rapido
79335 Bug Rapido: Order draft - Do not render text custom discount percentage Rapido
79339 Bug Rapido: Order draft - Alt. Unit price field formatting and rounding Rapido
79521 Bug Rapido: Order draft - New order draft is not visible in the list until a new is created or list is reloaded Rapido - Customer center
79524 Bug Rapido: Order draft - Empty cart in mini cart doesn't empty order draft Rapido
79603 Bug Rapido: Checkout error when logout Rapido

Version: 3.3.0

23 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Title Area
72594 Improvement Rapido 3.3: Update/New top layout designs Rapido
72599 Improvement Rapido 3.3: Merge the entire Order draft functionality Rapido
72600 Improvement Rapido 3.3: Merge Digital warehouse cart counter Rapido
72718 Bug Rapido: Unsubscribe link absent for the User if "Redirect after unsubscribe" is empty Rapido
72867 Improvement Rapido 3.3: Merge the entire B2A functionality Rapido
73206 Improvement Rapido 3.3: Remove all old paragraph templates Rapido
73566 Improvement Rapido 3.3: Merge US Tasks on 3.3 branch Rapido
73854 Improvement Rapido 3.3: Create pre-define rows templates Rapido
73857 Improvement Rapido 3.3: Create pre-define columns templates Rapido
74429 Improvement Create Rapido3head QA site Rapido
74649 Improvement Rapido 3.3: Enable Antispam in Security settings + edit Richtext tools + other settings Rapido
74785 Improvement Rapido 3.3: Merge Customer center list design and dashboard + product list desigsn Rapido
74800 Improvement Rapido 3.3: Merge top layout design Rapido
74850 Improvement Rapido 3.3: Implement new users/groups in release scripts Rapido
74926 Improvement Rapido 3.3: Create pages with new content model for Bikes, Fashion, Digital warehouse (Part 1) Rapido
74927 Improvement Rapido 3.3: Create pages with new content model Customer Center Rapido
74930 Improvement Rapido 3.3: Create pages with new content model checkout subpages (Part 3) Rapido
76137 Improvement Rapido 4.0: Content model - List of improvements (Part 8-9) Rapido
76459 Improvement Rapido 4.0: Content model - List of improvements (Part 10-11) Rapido
76760 Improvement Rapido 4.0/3.3: List of improvements (Part 12) Rapido
76873 Improvement Rapido3.3: Set Page.cshtml for eventlist in Layout Rapido
77456 Bug Rapido: Handlebars.UpdateQueryParameters forces page to scroll to top Rapido
79085 Improvement Rapido : Clean Layout templates with “Content Page” (for PageViewModel – similar with what we have with Rendering.Template) Rapido

Version: 3.3

1 issue(s) fixed

ID Type Title Area
78667 Bug Rapido: Country region/state not being loaded in cart Rapido