preset is a predefined content block - e.g. a banner or a testemonial - which can be used as a shortcut to creating great looking content on a website using the Visual Editor. Typically, a design is delivered with a number of presets already defined - this has many advantages:

  • It’s much easier to create content by modifying a preset than by starting from scratch
  • The content created will have a better chance of following the visual guidelines and design principles envisioned for a solution
  • Content presets look good and are very marketable

There are two kinds of content presets:

  • Row presets
  • Column presets

Both types of presets can be created by admins or administrators by hovering over an existing row or column and clicking the Save row as template/save column as template button (Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1 Saving a preset

When clicked, you will be prompted to provide details about the preset  - the template settings (Figure 1.2).

Figure 1.2 Saving a row as a preset

You can:

  • Provide a name
  • Provide  a description (optional and currently not used)
  • Provide an image – this is the image the preset will have in the row or column panel
  • Add the preset to an existing or new category – presets are grouped by category in the row or column panel

Presets are saved to the content tree and can be found under Paragraph templates or Row templates as appropriate – with each category shown as subpages.

To edit a preset:

  • Open the preset category page
  • Right-click the preset and click
    • Edit to edit the column content (column presets)
    • Edit row to edit the row settings / Click the row's columns to edit column content (row presets)

For row templates, you can also copy them inside and accross categories by right-clicking a row preset on the category page and clicking Copy row template (here).

You can also edit the template settings at any time:

  • For column presets: on the category page, click the preset, go to the Advanced tab in the ribbon bar and click Template settings (Figure 1.3)
  • For row presets: on the category page, right-click the preset and click Row template settings
Figure 1.3 Acces the template settings for a column preset