Item Lists

Items don’t have to be attached to a paragraph or a page, they may also be stored in an Item List.

Item lists function as a kind of repository for items created from a single item type. They are attached to a page via the Page Properties > Advanced tab, but their items can be published anywhere using the item publisher or query publisher apps.

As always, the item type must be enabled for this type of use – see the item types article for details.

To create an item list on a page:

  • Open the page properties
  • Switch to the advanced tab
  • Click the Item lists button (Figure 1.1)
Figure 1.1 Item lists are created and managed

This opens the item lists interface – where you can create new lists:

  • Click the Add list button
  • Enter Name
  • Select the item type
  • Click OK

When the list has been created you can manage the items therein from the list view (Figure 1.2) – e.g. view, edit, delete or create new items of the chosen item type.

Figure 1.2 Managing items in an item list

Please note, that in many cases editors find it much easier to work with page-items shown in list view.