Content Integrator

The Content Integrator app allows you to integrate content from other websites or feeds on your own website.

It is a very simple app, and is probably mainly useful for rendering the contents of an external XML feed on your websites.

You can apply an XSLT template to transform the input data as you see fit.

The Content Integrator app is pretty simple – as are the app settings (Figure 2.1).

Figure 2.1 The content integrator app settings

With the app settings you can:

  • Specify the URL pointing to the webpage or feed that you want to integrate on your website
  • If the content is an XML document or feed, you can select an XSLT template to transform how the content is represented on your solution
  • Check the forward query string checkbox if you want to forward query strings to the target URL

You can also enable and disable caching the content – the only reason to disable caching would be if your remote content is constantly updated, and you need the integrated content to be available in real time on your website.