Recycle bin

In the content tree, you can find the Recycle bin node (Figure 1.1), where you can restore deleted pages, paragraphs and whole websites.

Figure 1.1 The Recycle bin node in the Content tree

When clicking the node, you are shown an overview of deleted items (Figure 1.2). 

Figure 1.2 The recycle bin overview

From here, you can:

  • Restore items by clicking the arrow for separate items
  • Select multiple items and either restore or delete them from the recycle bin by clicking Restore/Empty selected items
  • Choose which items to show on the list in the drop down menu (Figure 1.3)
    • Language/Area shows deleted websites
    • Page shows deleted pages from all of your websites
    • Paragraph shows all deleted paragraphs

If deleted pages have paragraphs, these can be viewed by clicking the arrow by the page’s name.

Figure 1.3 The different types of items to show