Customer Center

The Swift Customer Center allows registered users to:

  • See their orders
  • Edit their account information
  • Manage billing and deliver addresses

On the example website, the customer center is accessed via a dropdown under My account and consists of a dashboard and a series of related pages like My orders, My account information, and My addresses (Figure 1.1).

In the backend (Figure 1.2), the customer center pages are located under Navigation > Utilities > My Account (1). As with most other Swift-pages, the Customer Center pages may be edited using the visual editor (2) – they all contain at the minimum:

  • A vertical navigation column which has the My account page set as the root node
  • A customer center app column with an app appropriate to their specific function attached – for the My orders page this is a customer experience center app, for the account details & address pages it’s an Extranet app

Since this is a specialized area of the website, you don’t have access to all the column types you have access to on regular content pages – this is by design.