Product Catalog Groups

The Product Catalog Groups item field is used to select one or more product groups when creating an item (Figure 1.1).

When you add this item field to an item, you should use the parameters set the View type to Groups (Figure 1.2) – this ensures that the editor can only select groups using the selector. This item field does not properly support selecting products.

You can then render information about the selected groups in frontend:

@inherits Dynamicweb.Rendering.ViewModelTemplate<Dynamicweb.Frontend.PageViewModel> @using Dynamicweb.Ecommerce.ProductCatalog <h1>Product Catalog Groups</h1> @if (Model.Item.GetValue("Product_Catalog_Groups") != null) { var grouplist = Model.Item.GetValue("Product_Catalog_Groups") as List<ProductGroupViewModel>; if (grouplist != null) { foreach (var group in grouplist) { <div>@group.Name</div> } } }